• Dear Young Woman

    As women, we learn how to master the masquerade. We are taught to conceal our scars and hide our pain. We are encouraged to keep secrets and keep others far away and not to let anyone too close for fear that they might detect the damage buried beneath.
  • The Broken Image

    Have you ever questioned who you are and why you were born?  Are you struggling to make sense of your experiences to determine your identity?  Are you ready to move forward and be healed? 

Speaking Engagements & Workshops

Youth are often influenced by peers and the world around them when they are not fortified in the uniqueness of who they are. They compare themselves to others.  In this session, youth will discover:

  • What’s amazing about being unique

  • Overcoming limiting mindsets about themselves

This session will help individuals embrace the uniqueness of who they are by:

  • Understanding the limitations within themselves that keep them from knowing who they are

  • Accepting themselves the way they were created

  • Discovering their purpose

Often times individuals never get a chance to know who they are before getting into relationships.  Individuals often question why they are alone when they feel they are a “good catch”. This session is designed to help single people understand the beauty of being single by:

  • Understanding their identity and purpose

  • Identifying traits that keep them ending up in the same type of relationships

  • Understanding why marriage is purpose

This interactive workshop helps students to realize the importance of words, how we’ve all been affected by them, and how it’s ok to be unique and embrace the uniqueness of others.

Many times we don’t realize how the things we go through birth a passion in us that contributes to what we are purposed to do.  This session will help individuals:

  • Understand how to connect their pain to their purpose

  • Understand key steps to heal from their past so they can walk in their purpose


Tera Young is a gift. She has helped me discover who I am which has enabled me to effectively walk in my purpose.

Andre Butler

Certified John Maxwell Speaker and Coach

Tera's Story

Tera Young is an author, transformational speaker, and mindset coach with a passion for helping others embrace the fullness of who God created them to be by healing from the past, breaking free from limiting mindsets and being confident in their uniqueness.

She has helped individuals embrace their uniqueness by understanding what’s in them that causes them not to know their identity.

Tera’s testimony of overcoming low self-esteem and rejection is one that will empower others to know that they are fearfully and wonderfully made and have something special and unique inside of them to contribute to the world!

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